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Victorian Steampunk Patchwork Corset - You Choose Your Corset Style - Plum, Teal, & Gold - Custom Sized


Corset Style

Front Closure

Victorian Steampunk Patchwork Corset - You Choose Your Corset Style - Plum, Teal, & Gold - Custom Sized
This listing is for the corset only. The other items (Cora Chemise, Ruffle Bustle, and 2 Cecilia Skirt Set) may be available in separate listings. =) This particular corset is shown in the Underbust Corset style, for reference.

I'm trying something new with my custom made corset listings. Since I stock the fabrics and can easily make a particular combo in any corset style, I'm opening up the option right from the custom listing. Simply select the style you'd like from the menu, and I'll let you know upon purchase which measurements I will need for that particular style. Please note that the photo showing all of the corset styles is meant as a style reference ONLY. You are purchasing a corset in the fabrics shown in the other photos and described below.

The corset styles I offer in this combo are:
WASPIE: Shorter-torso option. Maximum side length I can do is 8" (standard patterning is about 7"-7 1/2", upper hip is 3 1/2" below waistline)
UNDERBUST (shown): Basic underbust cut. Maximum side length is 10" (standard patterning is about 9", upper hip is 4 1/2" below waistline)
LONG-LINE UNDERBUST: Higher cut on the ribs and lower at the upper hip. Maximum side length is 12" (standard patterning is around 10", upper hip is 5" below waistline).
SEMI-STRAIGHT NECKLINE OVERBUST: Lower cut across bustline, slightly shorter upper hip than Sweetheart (4" below waist).
SWEETHEART OVERBUST: Curvy bustline, upper hip hits at 4 1/2" below waist.

Every corset I make is built to take a beating. I use only high-end, durable upholstery fabrics. Every corset is reinforced in the inside with a layer of coutil, and further reinforced with heavy duty twill waist tape. All seams are secured with 4 rows of stitching. My work is made to last. =)

This corset will be custom made to fit the buyer. My current wait time before shipment on custom corsets is approximately 4-6 weeks. If you need your corset sooner, please contact me before purchase. I am occasionally able to get things made faster, but you need to ask first to be sure.

Fabrics: Alternating panels of deep plum chenille with gold damask accents and purple geometric jacquard with small green and blue accents
Lining: Matching/coordinating damask or jacquard
Interlining: Cotton coutil (a super-dense, tightly woven fabric made specifically for corsetry)
Trim: Striped Purple and Tan Bias
Grommets and/or Busk: Antique Brass, Brass, Matte Black, or Nickel (antique brass shown)
Lacing: Flat Black Polypro Corset Laces
Steel: 22 Pieces (2-1/2" wide double thickness English steel flats down the front lacings for super strong support, 4-1/4" wide flats, 2-1/4" wide double thick English steel flats down the back lacings for extra support, and 16-1/4" wide spiral stays for both support and curves). Corsets with front laces will have 1/2" wide double thick English steel down the center front. Busks will have the busk and a pair of regular 1/2" wide flats for reinforcement instead. NOTE: I also stock flat 1/4" wide steel for torso panels, and you are welcome to request those instead if you wish. Sizes over 34 will have a mixture of spirals and flats instead of just spirals to provide additional support. 38 and up will have flats only, unless you request otherwise.
Center Front Style: Front Closing (please select your preference from the options at checkout)

Upon purchase, I will send you a detailed list of the measurements and details I will require. I will need this information within 2 weeks of purchase in order to meet the quoted ship date.

There is an approximately 4-6 week wait on all custom made corsets prior to shipment. I ship via Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation and Insurance. Upon shipment, you should get a confirmation email via PayPal to inform you of pending shipment which should include your tracking information. International orders ship via 1st Class Mail International.

I do try to have an all sales are final policy with custom made garments since they are very individually sized for the buyer. Should you have any problems at all with the fit of your corset, I need to know immediately. I don't issue refunds, but I do want happy customers, so please send me a message with any questions/concerns that you may have. You'll get a quick reply, and I promise I'll work really hard to be sure you're absolutely in love with your clothing!

Please email me with any questions. =) Thanks!