Fabric Selection

This is a huge experiment for me.  I probably have over 500 different fabrics in my tiny workroom, and have never had a working photo inventory of them in one place before.  Please note that this is basically going to be a random photo collection for now, but it's the best I have to work with.  I usually buy bolt ends rather than larger 50+ yd bolts, so while that allows for very unique creations, it also makes for a rapidly changing fabric inventory.  I will do my best to keep this up to date, but I do recommend having a backup plan or two in mind, just in case!  =)  If you're unsure whether fabrics you like from different photos match up, feel free to request pairing photos, as well as free mailed swatches for comparison (allow me a few days if you do, please).  Also, if you are needing something in a very specific color, please request free mailed swatches first.  I have no control over how these will appear on your monitor, and seeing things in person is always best.

Siren Bustles and Caroline Skirts Only (Very limited quantities)

Corset Trim Options

Corset and Bodice Fabrics